Partners and collaboration

            Within the work on different projects and grants, CVSM works together with some universities abroad. Recently, a long-term contract was signed on cooperation on the Austrian project entitled COMET K2 – Mobility SVT – Programs: Kompetenzzentrum Das virtuelle Fahrzeug Forschungsgesellschaft mbH (VIF) 2013-2017 of TU Graz. Collaboration with research organizations is also essential, of course. This collaboration is often effected through the subsidiaries such as, for example, TÜV Süd CZ s.r.o., Ricardo Prague s.r.o., Porsche Engineering Services Praha s.r.o. In particular with respect to the international cooperation the built infrastructure is actively used for projects of the 7th framework program of research and development in the EU. Our partners include e.g., MAN, Honneywell Control System HQ., Porsche Engineering Services Bietigheim and Porsche AG Weissach or the divisions of Advanced Simulation Technologies AVL List GmbH. The centre is also an official partner of a major software producer Gamma Technologies Inc., Westmont IL, whose products it uses and co-develops. This cooperation has opened doors to other international contracts. A new recent partner is EATON European Innovation Center s.r.o. Roztoky which brokers contracts with EATON Inc. (currently one contract and support of 1 PhD student/employee of CVSM; other contracts are being negotiated).  A contract with Jaguar-LandRover and others are in preparation.

            An important part of the international activities of the Centre is participation in European preparatory work for Horizon 2020, namely within the European Automotive Research Partnership Association EARPA, technological platform European Road Transport Advisory Committee ERTRAC (WG Powertrains and Fuels) an most recently admission of the Czech Technical University as a member of the European Green Vehicles Initiative Association EGVIA which works on the preparation of the calls for H2020.

            The activities of CVSM at the Roztoky Science and Technology Park were noticed also by other institutions. An example is the visit of the representatives of the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany who were interested in the results of the research and development in CVSM and in the Czech Technical University in Prague in general and also in the possibilities of cooperation with German scientific and research organizations (Max-Planck-Gesellschaft, Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung, Leibniz-Gemeinschaft, Fraunhofer- Gesellschaft, DAAD, etc.). The representatives of CVSM and the university then attended the Czech-German Science Day. CVSM intends to continue developing international cooperation, for example within the calls for Horizon 2020. Long-term cooperation with some partners (EATON, Gamma Technologies Inc., AVL List GmbH., etc.) and membership in important European research associations (EARPA, EGVIA, ERTRAC, …) provide a good foundation for this. With respect to the construction of the new building right next to the Roztoky Science and Technology Park, intended for expansion of the research activities of EATON (, there is going to be an attractive environment for other parties interested in close cooperation with the possibility of accommodation.

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