PRE Group

PRE Group - a major trader in the energy market of the Czech Republic and your reliable supplier of electricity

PRE Group consists of the parent company Pražská energetika, a. s., that is, through its subsidiary PREdistribuce, a. s., the regional distribution system operator, acting on the territory of Prague and Roztoky. At the same time, Pražská energetika, a. s., is the leading trader in electricity on the wholesale market in the country. With the gradual opening up of the electricity market for the end customers, PRE Group is one of the largest electricity suppliers with operations throughout the Czech Republic. It sells to more than seven hundred thousand customers.

The history of the Pražská energetika dates back to 1897, when ,still under the Electric Company of the Royal Capital City of Prague, the foundations of the Prague public electricity network were laid down. After many changes of ownership and organization, on January 1, 1994 a joint stock company was created. Since its foundation, it has gradually transformed into a customer-oriented company in trading, sales and distribution of electricity.

Pražská energetika expands its activities in the field of electro-mobility!

Cars, motorcycles, bicycles, scooters, tricycles, and other vehicles increasingly use electricity for their movement. The great advantages of this way of transport are minimal operation costs, the ability to charge all the solutions from a classical outlet and related virtually unlimited mobility. Pražská energetika, a. s. (PRE), is aware of this rising trend of traffic and supports it, and therefore it prepared several interesting innovations within its PREmobilita service.

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