Research programs

Research programmes are linked unambiguously to organizational units (laboratories) of the CVSM and to expected future project topics. The responsible leaders of RPs are the laboratory managers. RPs associated with expected future projects and contracts establish the prospective organization structure. From that reason even smaller programmes (future laboratories) and appropriate groups of workers are distinguished because they create the cores of future expanded research activities: · The project emopt for control of advanced emission systems of large truck engines is envisaged (Technological Agency of ČR, programme ALFA, 2 workers, since 2012, application submitted).
5/40 · The project mikrokogen for the optimization of alternative fuels combustion in a small heat7power plant units based on 2 cylinder engine (Technological Agency of ČR, programme ALFA, 4 workers, since 2012, application submitted). · The project RGZ II for optimization of unconventional thermal engine with external heat supply RGZ (Ministry for Industry and Trade, FR TI2-292, 1.5 worker, since 2012, project accepted and contracted). · The project KHG for conchoidal hydrogenerator Jihostroj (Ministry for Industry and Trade,
TIP 3, 1 worker, since 2012, application submitted). · Cogeneration gas IC engine for the use of thermolysis gas produced from separated municipal waste (Ministry for Industry and Trade, TIP 3, 2 workers, since 2012, application submitted). · Low-upgrade of biogas for agricultural and forest tractors (Ministry for Industry and Trade, TIP 3, 2 workers, since 2012, application submitted). · Every year, al least 1 project from student grant competition will be solved focused on powertrain efficiency and CO2 emissions (1 worker, 4 Ph:D. students).
· Simultaneously, 4 projects of EU FP7 will be solved, namely o InGas (till 2012, 3 workers)
o POWERFUL (till 2013, 2 workers)
o LESSCCV (till 2013, 2 workers)
o VECOM (till 2012, 1 worker).
· Since 2012, a big long-term project (5 – 7 years) for enhancing the utility value of vehicles and powertrains is envisaged.
· Since 2014, al least one cooperative project focused on powertrains of EU FP 8 is intended.
· Since 2016, other two projects of this type focused on alternative fuels and energy accumulation systems are intended.
· Other projects will be based on strategic research agenda, elaborated currently by the workers of future CVSM in technological platforms (Czech Mechanical Engineering TP, Czech Hydrogen TP, TP for Vehicles of Sustainable Mobility).

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