Selection and evaluation of the concept of drive system with energy storage

Research programme: Selection of concepts and assessment of powertrains with energy accumulation
Start date: 1/2011
Leader of the research programme: Doc. Dr. Ing. Gabriela Achtenová
Objectives (incl. outputs, results, milestones and specification of user groups):
Goal: Assessing and selecting the reasonable concepts of innovative transmissions-powertrains with power splits used for different lay-outs of accumulation and strategies for hybrid control. Developing the tools for combined simulation-experiment optimization of mechanical transmissions.
Vt1 Set of sensors and data acquisition units for measurements at mechanical powertrains, providing data for direct evaluation of calibration parameters for selected simulation codes, and evaluation codes for this purpose 12/2012
Vt2 Mechanical transmission for evaluation of new concepts – functional specimen of programme equipment for optimization, concept lay-out proposal 12/2012
Vt3 Design proposal of mechanical transmission of a specimen of a vehicle powertrain and simulation testing for expected reduction of road fuel consumption by 5% 12/2013
V1 Putting the equipment for testing mechanical transmissions into pilot operation 7/2012
V2 Demonstration and 3 publication of selected procedures applying experimental-simulation methods for optimization 12/2012
V3 Software tool for the optimization of mechanical transmission and torque splitting devices. 1 publication 12/2012
V4 Software tool for assessment of control strategy for mechanical transmissions. 1 publication 12/2012
V5 Software tool for the optimization of energy accumulation in different systems calibrated by experiments. 2 publications, 1 patent or protected model 12/2013
M1 Putting the equipment into pilot operation 7/2012
M2 Demonstration and 3 publication of selected procedures applying experimental-simulation methods for optimization 12/2012
M3 Mechanical transmission for testing new concepts 12/2012
M4 3 publications to developed software and results of optimizations 12/2013 10/40
Specification of user groups:
Contractors of the CVSM from powertrain OEM manufacturers and suppliers of accessories having their own R&D activities, and  engineering service/R&D companies.
Key methodological approaches, key challenges, key equipment:
Methodological approaches: Combining the simulations of statics and dynamics of transmissions and different types of accumulators (pressure hydro-pneumatic, fly-wheel, electric) with results of experiments at system components. Optimization of torque splitting devices. Formulation of algorithms for direct and indirect approach. Data acquisition in LabView environment. Calibration of code parameters using optimization. Finding inaccessible values by iterative co-simulation associated with experiments.
Key challenges: Continuous calibration of simulation codes by inverse algorithms coupled to experiments. Determination of inaccessible values (unsteady temperatures, variable gas compositions, unsteady flow-rates in movable parts of machines, etc.) by iterative co-simulation aimed at the best fit of simulation results to measured ones. Time effective tools for reasonable physics-based accuracy suitable for optimization purposes. Taking the significant influences into account during an optimization. Application of real vehicle operation modes. Automation of control/shifting.
Key equipment:
K1 Equipment for vehicle powertrain testing based on chassis dynamometer for PC/LD vehicles, connected to engine testing equipment.
K2 Equipment for mechanical transmissions testing with loading/motoring, torque and speed measurements.
K3 Equipment for rapid prototyping of control systems with flexible gate fields.
K4 Simulation facility with a powerful multi-processor server, terminals and database equipment.
Associations to other programmes:
Directly linked to the programme 4, partially creates boundary conditions for 1 and 3. Although these tight links exist the RP2 should be managed in independent way to create good conditions for the following contractual research.

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