The main aim of the project is the further enhancing of applied research level for the automotive industry by means of establishment of the Centre of Vehicles for Sustainable Mobility, which concentrates brains and new technologies at European level.

Activities will be concentrated on the most successful outcomes, aimed at the resources and technology of research through the new solutions and optimizations of the concepts of engines for both vehicles and power engineering and of vehicle powertrains incl. electric and hybrid ones and the integrated control with regard to efficiency (concepts with potential to reduce road fuel consumption by 15%), environment friendliness (EURO 6) and utility value in the light of mobility and finally the competitiveness of companies connected with the Czech industry. In this domain, specific applicable results will be created: conceptual solutions of new internal combustion engines (ICE – downsizing by optimized boosting, new combustion systems, optimization of engines with small number of cylinders), mechanical transmissions with power splitting, electric powertrains with power splitting
and hybridization and finally predictive or adaptive power control systems.

Another aim is enhancing the collaboration and existing strong links to partners from application sphere (industrial or applied research companies) and expanding the activities spectrum, which will increase the cooperation in international R&D projects. Simulation and experiment evaluating tools will be delivered to application companies, as well.

Besides, the project is aimed at increasing the number of scientific-research workers in the automotive domain, improved involvement of master students of CTU and other technological universities into R&D activities of newly established Centre and their engagement in doctoral studies, which brings younger and motivated research team. New positions will be created for the most successful graduates 2/40 and by moving the facility from Prague at least new 16 FTE positions will be created by recruiting research workers.

For the establishment of the Centre, the technology procuring and putting it into operation is the basic condition. From that reason this project is focused on the Procurement of Technology for the Centre of Vehicles for Sustainable Mobility. It is focused is to building up and to furnishing the facility together with human resources and starting the R&D activities with the first applicable results. Thus it will be possible to start concentrated activities and to use the synergy with other R&D engineering companies located in RTP Roztoky already in 2012, finalizing it during the last year of this project in 2013. The specific results will be released in those years and during the following period.

Research programs


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