Reducing emissions in transport

Project title: Reducing emissions in transport

The project is focused on buying a new technological equipment which will enable to build on existing research programs CVUM in line with the development of VaV, technology and legislation in recent years. In many cases these devices is the need for which was impossible to foresee, or that were not commercially available at the time of construction and initial presence in the workplace Buying these gadgets will allow workplace to keep it's status ''flagship'' between czech laboratories and status of laboratory on the europe standard, which is serious candidate to take a part in international projects and whose employers regularly contribute to the state of knowledge in the form of scientific articles and lectures at major international conferences. A very important aspect is also the fact that the choice of any technology was the emphasis on the applicability in cooperation with industrial partners. It can expect better amenities laboratories will lead to increased attractiveness for young researchers or graduates from Czech and foreign schools , and not only in the field of internal combustion engines and vehicles , but also a wider range of disciplines including science on fuels , combustion , analytical chemistry , environmental chemistry , toxicology , and traffic engineering. Obtaining high-quality young workers will be possible in the medium to long term gain greater number of national and international grant projects and industrial contracts whose solutions incur additional knowledge or patentable technologies. We can expect an increase in the volume of research , increasing the number of publications and an increase in the number of citations in international databases. Assuming that the collective efforts of hundreds of thousands of experts in the field of health risk reductions of emissions of internal combustion engines to reduce the current 400,000 premature deaths in the EU each year on the order of 10 % , active involvement can be attributed to one expert , a very rough estimate , saved dozens of lives a year.

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