Founding the Technology Agency (hereinafter "TA CR") was one of the important implementation steps of the Reform of research, development and innovation in the Czech Republic approved by the Government Decree. The main objective of this step was to simplify and streamline the system of targeted applied research support and experimental development in the Czech Republic, ensuring sufficient competition in the selection of supported research and development projects and reducing the administrative load on both the support providers, as well as the beneficiaries. Founding of the TA CR was legally anchored by an amendment to Act no. 130/2002 Coll. approved by the Act No. 110/2009 Coll. on 27 March 2009, effective from July 1 2009. The activity of TA CR was launched by appointing the board of TA CR by the Government on October 12, 2009. Immediately after that, the office of TA CR, whose main role is to provide administrative and organizational agenda relating to fulfilment of the tasks set by law, was established. Other bodies of TA CR are the Research Council, with twelve members, which is the conceptual body of the TA CR and the Control Committee, consisting of ten experts, appointed in March, 2011.


In accordance with the terms of the Act No. 130/2002 Coll., the main task of the TA CR is to prepare and implement programs of applied research, experimental development, and innovation, thereby contributing to increased competitiveness and economic growth in the Czech Republic. Other important tasks of TA CR under the abovementioned Act include promoting cooperation between research organizations and the private sector. The means to accomplish these tasks is the efficient use of public funds to support research, development and innovation.

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